I can’t say enough good things about this oil. Thank you for coming into my life for starters. Check out some recipes using Thrive Algae Oil here: BAKED VEG CHEESE AND VEAL CANNELLONI We use the other white plant meat for this fine American-Italian casserole. Veg veal! I think I’ve had veal once or twiceContinue reading “THRIVE ALGAE OIL”


SHARON’S MANICOTTI This has been a long time in the planning and waiting stages – mainly to get the filling right absent any animal products. It’s a success I waited three decades to achieve. Makes 11 stuffed pasta and 5-1/4 cups sauce

‘Thrive’ Algae Oil Delivers Strong Results in Retail Market Test

Thrive Algae Oil Delivers Strong Results in Retail Market Test First Product From TerraVia’s Innovative Algae Oil Platform Already Driving Sales in Top 25th Percentile of Food Oils in Retail Test, Now Beginning West Coast Roll-Out Delivers Superior Nutrition, Smoke Point and Sustainability Profile with an Exceptionally Mild Flavor that Enhances Food’s True Taste May 16,Continue reading “‘Thrive’ Algae Oil Delivers Strong Results in Retail Market Test”