Want Me To Try Your Product?


Send me your product and I will like it or not like it. If I like it, I post it.

If I don’t like it, I don’t post it, and I tell you what needs to change (in my view) – privately.

That’s it. I’m not out to destroy animal-free businesses nor products.

I do the same with the restaurants I try. If I would order the food again, I post the picture of what I ate. If nothing appealed to me, no one knows I was there. Sometimes I’ll like one dish and another one is a total flop (again in my view). I post the one I liked with no reference to the one I didn’t.

I am here to facilitate that which is good and encourage further development in products that weren’t yet ready for market, or in some cases to publicly scold companies that changed their formula to the benefit of their profit margin and to the detriment of the quality of their product.

If you don’t send product and I try your wares on my own dime, then the review goes public without necessarily contacting you – whether it’s good or it needs some work.

All products appearing in the pantry section I tried and liked.

Give me a try. This dog doesn’t bite!



All the best to you in all your animal-free endeavors,

Chef Davies-Tight



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