Baileys Almande Almondmilk Liqueur


Well, it finally got to Cleveland, courtesy of a bartender friend who likes to try vegan stuff and pushed for it.

Dairy-based Baileys has cream and egg in it, so of course the original is going to be thicker and richer tasting than the almond milk version of Baileys.

Still, it’s no slouch in the liqueur department. It’s thinner, but potent and fine tasting. They recommend it be served over ice, but I prefer it straight up dusted with a little nutmeg. Ice would only thin it more in my view.

Baileys stepped up to the ‘no more dairy cream’ phenomenon, so if you want to keep this new and improved just for your good health version of Baileys, go out and order some at your favorite bar or restaurant.

I recommend it because it’s good, and because I didn’t like the egg in the original Baileys.

It’s an easy drinker it is, so go slower than I did. Experiment with your own fancy drinks and share them on social media.

Go Baileys!!!

Refrigerate after opening. And Drink responsibly.

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