Madison Avenue Exposes Racial Truths Using Super Bowl ADs

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.7.2021

MADAV shows it pays to trash white people. That’s just the beginning of what they exposed.

MADISON AVENUE Exposes The Truth In Super Bowl 55 choreography and ADs

Black people lost their minority status by MADAV exposing the real truth, that the real racial minority worldwide is white people, not black and brown and Asian people.

The world, not just the USA, watches the SUPER BOWL. You really had to look for the white people in the ADs, and they were mostly either being insulted, ignored or were blurred in the background. Every now and then some big toothy white grins dotted the landscape.

• Yeah, the blacks were doing the LIMBO DANCE – HOW LOW CAN YOU GO.

MADAV has a history of appealing to the majority in any AD; that’s where the money is. That’s the way they tumble. White people dominated their AD landscape when their world consisted mostly of USA companies in the USA as their advertising dollar and the consumer bases of those companies. White people were the majority. Now that MADAV is global, white people are no longer considered the majority.

But in the past, they never showed one race hurting another to satisfy another in hopes that the ones satisfied would buy their product. That’s new.

MADAV showed a black man pushing a white person out of a plane not caring if the white person had a parachute, while all the black people stayed safe inside.

They’re clever those AD men and women. They know that black people laugh at the suffering of others. What they don’t know is they laugh at their own people suffering, especially when they’re being tortured – they roar. So the AD wasn’t honest – it was meant to insult one race over the other.

Laughing lowers a person’s resistance. Now they’ll buy their product, remembering that good feeling of watching a white person be shoved out of a plane. That is if they remember the product, which is highly unlikely. It’s always good though to expose the truth of black racism. And somebody paid for the AD, which means MADAV didn’t lose anything on it.

The ones the AD insulted however happen to be the majority in the USA, so I would expect they’ll remember the company and be sure not to send their investment dollars their way. Maybe the company doesn’t care. It’s hard to think they wouldn’t. Business doesn’t operate that way. There’s some anticipated gain expected from trashing white people. That company is adding 700 jobs to downtown Cleveland. That’s a possible draw – we don’t cater to white people; we throw them out of the plane minus a parachute.

• What’s a parachute in lending terms? No parachutes for white people? In this case, maybe it’s no preferential hiring of white people?

Mean-spirited ADs may make some perverted people momentarily happy inside, but long term they’ll do more damage.

The Jews showed up in a few ADs, but always as goofy looking and acting, mindless giddy people. That had to be planned.

They even had one Italian guy in a Pizza Hut commercial. Stereotypical mustache and chef’s hat. Never saw one of them at a Pizza Hut.

The choreographed part of before and after the game and commercials was engineered based on a racial bias against white men in particular. They highlighted a few white women and a white child or two, which showed the indoctrination pattern of Black Lives Terrorists, targeting white women and their white female children, so they’ll change the behavior of white men. Oh and while you’re at it, women do most of the shopping and of course take your daughter so you can both spend a lot of money.

• That’s a bit of a hoot, given that black women haven’t been successful in keeping their black men out of prison by convincing them that crime doesn’t pay. Why would black activists think that white women can sway white men to join the Black Lives Terrorist cause? The white men who joined that terror organization didn’t do it for or because of white women. Calling white women disparaging ‘Karen’ names doesn’t do anything to promote peace.

I’m not sure what behavior they’re seeking to change, by using racially insulting ADs directed at white people, that give black people a good feeling about themselves, except that maybe they just want a bigger piece of pie, seeings that black people are a global majority, but they’re not a majority in the USA which has a democratic way of life.

The majority rules. But the world is bearing witness to minorities seeking to be a majority using nefarious means to create that illusion. Jews are demanding a Jewish majority in Palestine by pushing the Palestinians off their land and making their lives so hellish that they’ll simply leave.

Maybe Black Lives Terrorists are using the Jewish playbook as they often said, “it worked for the Jews, it will work for us”. Now I’m thinking what they really meant was to make hell the lives of white people, so they’ll just leave the country to black people. Go north, south, east or west, they don’t care where, just leave the country.

Maybe black Africans just like to war more than they like peace. Maybe peace isn’t exciting enough for them. But at the Super Bowl, they talked about how LOVE would bring the world together. Love? Did they mean black people loving white people or white people loving black people? The gist and feeling was that black people needed white people to love them as they push them out of a plane with no parachute?

That didn’t work. Going from burning cities and terrorizing white people for decades and all of a sudden Black Lives Terrorists are looking for LOVE? That’s not only not believable; it’s an insane demand. Blacks want to wipe away their sins with the the fear and tears of those they offended? That’s grotesque.

I wonder how the gays liked being told who to love? The black solution was to love the blacks for who and what they are, so they don’t have to go through the process of change that they demand of everybody else. Reciprocal love wasn’t really on the table.

Since when does anyone have the right to decide who loves whom? There was a lot of discrimination going on in those ADs and all the choreographed junk in between the game and the ADs.

It was strange how during the first part of the After Show of the Super Bowl, the one black commentator focused most of his comments on violence and beating people up and who was aggressive on the field – getting into it a little too much, while the white commentators focused more on a detailed less emotional analysis.

Mark Zuckerberg’s mission via Facebook, to bring the world together into one meeting place paid off. He really did, almost single-handedly, unite the entire world. Of course the CIA was there to help with the logistics of it all.

So, thank you to Mark Zuckerberg for exposing white people as the world minority they are. Now maybe they can get the benefits they’ve been denied because the world gave them a majority status.

You know the Central Intelligence Agency isn’t supposed to spy on people in the USA, only other countries. Well, Facebook is in a lot of countries, which makes it legal and if anyone from any of those countries asks for your friendship, then the CIA can spy on you too.

Truth be told, they don’t need a reason. That was a lie they told. They spy on everybody who uses social media. So does the NSA and other government entities.

They’re there along with MADAV to control your mood and views by what they allow you to see. They’re conducting mind-control experiments all the time, and they say no one cares if they do, which means all those trolls not caring if they do, work for them.

However, the most startling exposure by MADAV at SUPER BOWL 55 probably wasn’t noticed by many.

As the world knows, Madison Avenue goes where the money is. They target people who can pay. They’re not going to advertise million dollar homes to people in public housing or who feed themselves on food stamps.


They showed the entire world before, during and after the Super Bowl the paid for ADs that portray black people as rich with lots of money to spend.

MADAV negates the image that Black Lives Terrorists projected of Blacks being poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged hopeless helpless people. Black Lives exploited their own to extort money, services and preferential benefits to take more than their share per person from a democratically elected government.

Blacks are rich AND privileged. MADAV wooed them with their ADs designed for rich blacks, not poor blacks.

Black Lives Matter was built on a lie about the state of black people in America, maybe around the world. They conveniently left out all those rich black people with lots of money to spend.

And it took the SUPER BOWL and Madison Avenue to prove them wrong.

Country – Facebook Users (2019) – Population 2021

India 251,000,000 1,393,409,038
United States 240,000,000 332,915,073
Brazil 139,000,000 213,993,437
Indonesia 136,960,000 276,361,783
Mexico 78,000,000 130,262,216
Philippines 71,760,000 111,046,913
Vietnam 66,720,000 98,168,833
Thailand 46,000,000 69,950,850
United Kingdom 44,000,000 68,207,116
Turkey 44,000,000 85,042,738
Egypt 42,400,000 104,258,327
Iran 40,000,000 85,028,759
Pakistan 37,070,000 225,199,937
Bangladesh 33,713,000 166,303,498
France 33,000,000 65,426,179
Germany 31,000,000 83,900,473
Argentina 30,000,000 45,605,826
Italy 30,000,000 60,367,477
Colombia 29,000,000 51,265,844
Japan 28,000,000 126,050,804
Nigeria 27,120,000 211,400,708
Malaysia 25,520,000 32,776,194
Saudi Arabia 23,720,000 35,340,683
Canada 23,000,000 38,067,903
Spain 23,000,000 46,745,216
Myanmar 22,200,000 54,806,012
South Korea 21,836,000 51,305,186
South Africa 21,280,000 60,041,994
Iraq 21,276,000 41,179,350
Peru 20,000,000 33,359,418
Taiwan 19,190,000 23,855,010
Algeria 19,000,000 44,616,624
Morocco 18,330,000 37,344,795
Australia 15,000,000 25,788,215
Poland 14,000,000 37,797,005
Russia 13,100,000 145,912,025
Chile 13,000,000 19,212,361
Venezuela 13,000,000 28,704,954
Nepal 10,419,000 29,674,920
Ecuador 10,000,000 17,888,475
Netherlands 9,800,000 17,173,099
Ukraine 9,500,000 43,466,819
Kazakhstan 9,246,000 18,994,962
Romania 8,900,000 19,127,774
United Arab Emirates 8,737,000 9,991,089
Cambodia 7,810,000 16,946,438
Syria 7,609,286 18,275,702
Tunisia 7,445,000 11,935,766
Kenya 7,000,000 54,985,698
Guatemala 6,800,000 18,249,860
Belgium 6,500,000 11,632,326
Sri Lanka 6,428,000 21,497,310
Sweden 6,300,000 10,160,169
Bolivia 6,100,000 11,832,940
Ethiopia 6,007,000 117,876,227
Israel 5,877,000 8,789,774
Portugal 5,800,000 10,167,925
Jordan 5,755,000 10,269,021
Hong Kong 5,361,000 7,552,810
Hungary 5,300,000 9,634,164
Dominican Republic 5,100,000 10,953,703
Libya 5,094,000 6,958,532
Greece 5,000,000 10,370,744
Ghana 4,900,000 31,732,129
Ivory Coast 4,758,000 27,053,629
Czech Republic 4,600,000 10,724,555
Singapore 4,470,000 5,896,686
Tanzania 4,271,000 61,498,437
Kuwait 4,093,000 4,328,550
Lebanon 3,967,000 6,769,146
Belarus 3,850,000 9,442,862
Afghanistan 3,848,400 39,835,428
Denmark 3,700,000 5,813,298
Switzerland 3,700,000 8,715,494
Austria 3,700,000 9,043,070
Senegal 3,408,000 17,196,301
Norway 3,400,000 5,465,630
El Salvador 3,400,000 6,518,499
Serbia 3,400,000 8,697,550
Honduras 3,400,000 10,062,991
Bulgaria 3,300,000 6,896,663
Paraguay 3,300,000 7,219,638
Costa Rica 3,200,000 5,139,052
Slovakia 3,200,000 5,460,721
Dr Congo 3,117,000 92,377,993
New Zealand 3,100,000 4,860,643
Uzbekistan 3,094,000 33,935,763
Laos 3,056,000 7,379,358
Qatar 2,942,000 2,930,528
Ireland 2,700,000 4,982,907
Finland 2,700,000 5,548,360
Cameroon 2,700,000 27,224,265
Palestine 2,677,000 5,222,748
Oman 2,635,400 5,223,375
Yemen 2,552,100 30,490,640
Georgia 2,524,000 3,979,765
Nicaragua 2,500,000 6,702,385
Uganda 2,471,000 47,123,531
Mozambique 2,448,000 32,163,047
Kyrgyzstan 2,418,000 6,628,356
Uruguay 2,400,000 3,485,151
Madagascar 2,317,000 28,427,328
Zambia 2,253,000 18,920,651
Angola 2,244,000 33,933,610
Mongolia 2,233,000 3,329,289
Puerto Rico 2,100,000 2,828,255
Guinea 2,008,000 13,497,244
Panama 2,000,000 4,381,579
Azerbaijan 1,854,000 10,223,342
Croatia 1,800,000 4,081,651
Haiti 1,800,000 11,541,685
Mali 1,670,100 20,855,735
Somalia 1,666,500 16,359,504
Bosnia And Herzegovina 1,500,000 3,263,466
Lithuania 1,400,000 2,689,862
Albania 1,400,000 2,872,933
Bahrain 1,352,500 1,748,296
China 1,330,000 1,444,216,107
Sudan 1,300,000 44,909,353
Armenia 1,252,000 2,968,127
Jamaica 1,100,000 2,973,463
Zimbabwe 994,000 15,092,171
Benin 920,000 12,451,040
Slovenia 910,000 2,078,724
Cyprus 870,000 1,215,584
Mauritius 852,000 1,273,433
Burkina Faso 840,000 21,497,096
Botswana 830,000 2,397,241
Moldova 800,000 4,024,019
Mauritania 796,900 4,775,119
Gabon 743,000 2,278,825
Latvia 740,000 1,866,942
Republic Of The Congo 732,800 5,657,013
Trinidad And Tobago 700,000 1,403,375
Sierra Leone 693,400 8,141,343
Namibia 692,400 2,587,344
Papua New Guinea 670,000 9,119,010
Togo 658,100 8,478,250
Tajikistan 645,500 9,749,627
Estonia 620,000 1,325,185
Rwanda 592,400 13,276,513
Reunion 544,000 901,686
Liberia 537,000 5,180,203
Malawi 500,200 19,647,684
Niger 500,200 25,130,817
Fiji 470,000 902,906
Burundi 450,000 12,255,433
Lesotho 445,600 2,159,079
Bhutan 413,100 779,898
Macau 406,900 658,394
Brunei 400,200 441,532
Timor Leste 390,000 1,343,873
Maldives 375,100 543,617
Gambia 370,100 2,486,945
Guyana 360,000 790,326
Chad 328,000 16,914,985
Malta 320,000 442,784
Montenegro 320,000 628,053
Luxembourg 320,000 634,814
Suriname 310,000 591,800
South Sudan 282,901 11,381,378
Swaziland 255,200 1,172,362
Iceland 250,000 343,353
Cape Verde 240,000 561,898
Bahamas 220,000 396,913
Guadeloupe 220,000 400,020
Djibouti 211,700 1,002,187
Belize 200,000 404,914
Comoros 178,500 888,451
Martinique 170,000 374,745
Barbados 160,000 287,711
French Polynesia 150,000 282,530
New Caledonia 150,000 288,218
Guinea Bissau 140,000 2,015,494
Central African Republic 122,100 4,919,981
Curacao 120,000 164,798
Guam 110,000 170,179
French Guiana 110,000 306,448
Equatorial Guinea 100,600 1,449,896
Samoa 94,000 200,149
Saint Lucia 92,000 184,400
Mayotte 91,400 279,515
Aruba 91,000 107,204
Seychelles 71,000 98,908
Turkmenistan 67,200 6,117,924
Vanuatu 63,000 314,464
Antigua And Barbuda 62,000 98,731
Grenada 62,000 113,021
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines 61,000 111,263
Sao Tome And Principe 58,400 223,368
Tonga 54,000 106,760
Isle Of Man 50,000 85,410
Cayman Islands 48,000 66,497
Andorra 42,000 77,355
Bermuda 39,000 62,090
Dominica 39,000 72,167
Greenland 38,000 56,877
Northern Mariana Islands 36,000 57,917
Saint Kitts And Nevis 35,000 53,544
Faroe Islands 33,000 49,049
Sint Maarten 31,000 43,412
Kiribati 30,000 121,392
Western Sahara 27,000 611,875
Turks And Caicos Islands 25,000 39,231
Gibraltar 23,000 33,698
American Samoa 22,000 55,100
United States Virgin Islands 22,000 104,226
Eritrea 21,900 3,601,467
Micronesia 21,000 116,254
Marshall Islands 20,000 59,610
Saint Martin 15,000 39,234
Liechtenstein 14,000 38,250
North Korea 14,000 25,887,041
Monaco 13,000 39,511
British Virgin Islands 12,000 30,421
Anguilla 9,000 15,117
Cook Islands 8,600 17,565
San Marino 7,900 34,017
Palau 5,800 18,169
Nauru 3,400 10,876
Wallis And Futuna 3,400 11,094
Falkland Islands 3,100 3,533
Montserrat 2,600 4,977
Tuvalu 1,700 11,931
Niue 820 1,619
Tokelau 410 1,373
Vatican City 20 800
Cuba 11,317,505

Countries that have censored the social media platform are:

The following countries have the highest number of Facebook users:

  1. India (251 million)
  2. United States (240 million)
  3. Brazil (139 million)
  4. Indonesia (136.96 million)
  5. Mexico (78 million)
  6. Philippines (71.76 million)
  7. Vietnam (66.72 million)
  8. Thailand (46 million)
  9. United Kingdom (44 million)
  10. Turkey (44 million)

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