Don’t think because I took a short vacation from my computer that all is well. I’m back and angry as hell.

STOP BLAMING THE GUN. Who pulled the trigger? Again, NOT THE GUN. The almighty gun doesn’t shoot itself.


All of a sudden like a flash the gun gets a brain implant in a real-life horror movie and the lawmakers say they made a mistake to put a child’s brain in the gun, figuring if the world is so worried that a child will use it, then we need to give the gun a child’s brain, so the child and the gun can communicate more effectively. A lot of thinking went into this nouveau design. They figured this, they figured that, the engineers and scientists were all involved – they had the design all wrapped up in a cuddly blanket ready to test.

As the child pulls the trigger, it snaps halfway and a loud message rolls out saying, ‘ARE YOU SURE?

The child jumps up and down and says look, look Daddy, ‘the gun talks’.

The father says, ‘that gun can’t talk’.

The father takes the gun, goes to shoot, the trigger snaps halfway then says, ‘next time, believe your daughter’.

Back to the drawing board. This time the engineers and scientists want a child’s input, instead of an adult speaking on a child’s behalf. So a child gets a seat at the table. The engineers and scientists lean in as they ask the child, ‘how do we keep you from shooting this gun?

After much thought, the child leans in and says, ‘MAKE IT SCARY’.

They then ask the child, ‘how do we keep scary adults from shooting this gun?’ 

The child says, ‘I don’t know, ask the scary adults.

You’re asking the wrong questions of the wrong people.

There’s a reason why there’s a bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms (ATF) and explosives (explosives being added later). All are injurious to one’s health and longevity and all are federally controlled, which means the government sets policy and makes laws regarding sales and usage. Gun manufacturers and organizations are not the government.

If the ATF doesn’t have a problem-solving division, then make one.

Why does the AFT remain silent? It’s a law enforcement agency within the Department of Justice. Shouldn’t you all be in support of crime prevention? Why wait till the deed is done and lives shattered to make a difference? Do it now.


BE PROACTIVE. Why would you ask, do what? You’re the ATF, figure it out? Oh, you can’t figure anything out either. It’s not your job to figure things out? Hmm.

Mandatory in every school from first grade, videos on the horrors of guns. 

‘We can’t do that, it will traumatize the child’. 

‘In those homes where guns are loose, those school videos will be mild in comparison to the lives those children live’.

Sheltered or shielded children grow up more fearful than non-sheltered or shielded children.

Education. Education. Education. 

Expose the child early to what guns do. But they already know that by the movies they watch, mostly with guns and people suffering horrific injuries and death.

Real though is in the classroom, where serious talks occur, not in movies playing on people’s emotions to keep them watching till the end for advertisement purposes.


GUNS DON’T HAVE BRAINS, which means they don’t have a nervous system. They’re not designed to lock up when a child picks it up. Guns don’t have reflexes.

The gun is like a virus, alone it can’t do much; it needs a host from and through which to operate. THE HUMAN becomes that host for the gun the second that human, child or adult, picks up that gun.

THE HUMAN tells the gun what to do, not the other way around.

Get your facts straight and stop treating everyone like they don’t know any better. Oh, they grew up in squalor; they had a tumultuous childhood. Yeah, so do lots of humans grow up in undesirable conditions, but very few of those discounted people end up dead or in the penal system.

When I was a child, I wanted to be an adult and do what adults do. I didn’t want children’s books or puzzles marked for age groups that hold a child back, making them think they can’t move on, because their age says NO. Children are curious beings about everything, and many times don’t exhibit what adults may call curious behavior. They’re casual, stealth movers with a goal to find what you hid. Must be for them to find is on their minds.

That doesn’t mean overload them with knowledge. Right now there are too many teachers with scores, personal and idiosyncratic, to settle, plus too many who just don’t care. They enter the classroom with all kinds of baggage from their own youth that wasn’t that long ago. There are those who overprotect and those who underprotect the child. And no, it doesn’t really even-out, except in a statistical analysis where everybody gets the same average score even though everyone’s emotional baggage was actually different from each other.


GUNS AREN’T TOYS. Real guns aren’t toys. We need a military. Traditionally boys were the shooters, so of course they expose them to toy guns early in life to lay a foundation for defending the country later in life. With girls, traditionally they bought them toy babies, clothes and all, to lay the foundation for motherhood.

GUNS KILL. That’s what they’re designed to do. 

GUNS NEED A HUMAN HOST to activate them. 


  • THE DETERRENT FACTOR absent human-handling is essentially nonexistent.
  • Nobody stops entering a house illegally, because there might be a gun inside. It’s the human with the gun inside that they worry about.

Go ahead make your child a killer.

Residing in cramped quarters leads to CHAOS.


Anger or depression ensue.

Add alcohol and drugs and there’s a RECIPE FOR DEATH on every door step with a gun inside.


If you’re old enough to serve in the military, then you are not a child.

Maybe stop calling your men babies.

TOO MUCH gun violence in movies. TOO MUCH violence altogether. TOO MUCH rape. TOO MUCH punching. TOO MUCH use of metal devices to tear a person’s flesh while they’re restrained and not able to flee. TOO MUCH torture in movies. 

Moviemakers think they must either make people cry or scare them or both. Catharsis they call it. Watch a movie and all your worries will drift away vicariously. Or if the government wants the populace to accept torture, then they desensitize one’s view by persistent exposure till it seems normal or at least NOT SCARY. No one objects. BINGO the TORTURERS WON. The hypocrisy enters when your government claims it’s okay to torture foreigners, but not your own, unless they become foreigners. In other words when a country claims not to torture, they’re lying. Since they’re going to torture, they need the populace to accept it.

  • Statistics aside, the process of catharsis doesn’t work the same way with everyone. Anesthetize people too much and they become the offenders.

I think Alec Baldwin is guilty of murder. It was up to the shooter to check the gun that gets pointed at and shot at someone in a movie. Live rounds means premeditation. Why were live rounds and blanks in the same area? Who loaded the gun? Personal responsibility begins and ends with the shooter. Alec Baldwin ended a life and the best thing he can do is accept responsibility for not checking a gun before using it, that he knew was also used for target practice by the staff.


Can you hit a target with blanks? Wiki…

The appearance of a blank cartridge can give a false sense of safety. Although blank cartridges do not contain a bullet, precautions are still required because fatalities and severe injuries have resulted on occasions when blank cartridges have been fired at very close ranges.

At what distance are blanks lethal? – Gizmodo

Although blanks are primarily used to make a bang and a flash, they’re not just noisemakers. Any closer than a couple of feet, and they can be deadly. Oct 27, 2021


A bullet goes inside a cartridge. A blank cartridge means there’s no bullet inside, but the cartridge is still a projectile.

Who is responsible for categorizing BB guns as toy guns? BB guns are designed to kill small animals. THAT’S NOT A TOY. REDO the categorization. TOYS DON’T SHOOT PROJECTILES to injure or kill animals. If you aim and shoot and somebody gets injured or dies; that’s not a toy.

STOP NITPICKING. Overhaul the entire system. TOO LAZY? Then find another job where you don’t have to save lives.

SAVING LIVES means ON ALERT to all that takes life.


STOP BEING LAZY by looking for a simple solution that requires the least effort and the least amount of change.

STOP talking about SILVER BULLETS. Get out of that century that no longer exists, except as a recording on paper that, by the way, is easy to corrupt by alterations or total destruction.

“Cometh what may” was styled for just such endeavors.

  • ‘Come what may’ is yet another English idiom that comes from Shakespeare’s works. As we use it today it means being prepared to do something regardless of the consequences, to not allow anything to distract from that, no matter how hard or difficult it becomes. – no sweat Shakespeare

SAVE THE CHILDREN. WHATEVER IT TAKES within the boundaries set by 5 Principles To A Better Life.

  • No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture, slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. Check your prejudices at the door to discrimination and all lives benefit.


The NRA supports designing guns for children that use real bullets. They also support the powder pink and powder blue colors for guns for girls and boys. Those are colors associated with newborn humans. Color the baby cloth powder blue for boy and powder pink for girl. They thought it clever the use of colors matching the death portion (powder) of the process. From birth to death. They never got out of that baby stage to live a happy life. When a baby dies does the baby get draped in their powder colors for their funerals? No? 

√ What’s the color of gun powder? 

There are four different types of gunpowder: black powder, brown gunpowder, white powder (also known as smokeless gunpowder), and gunpowder flash. Most modern guns use white gunpowder, which can have a single or double base. – elawtalk

So the powder itself is not gender biased, unlike the color of the gun. Do the girl guns have fewer bells and whistles than the boy guns? Everything else made for both genders discriminate against females. Boys have always been deemed smarter than girls. Must be how they were raised – girls to take a backseat to everything in life, and boys to lead. Boys are strong, girls are weak – weaker physically, not mentally. It looks like girls are changing the world for themselves by themselves.


At a gun expo in Las Vegas last January, Eric Schmid, the founder of WEE1 Tactical, demonstrated his company’s first offering: the JR-15, a play on the popular AR-15 assault rifle designed to look just like its deadly cousin, but 20 percent smaller. “It fits the kids really well,” he told a visitor to his booth. “That’ll give them the confidence to hold this thing the way they should have confidence holding it — no drop down in the front trying to manage a weight that’s not right for them. It just fits ’em, fits ’em really well.”

Long guns for kids have been around for years, typically shotguns or single-shot rifles scaled down for a child. But what has attracted so much attention to the JR-15 is its semiautomatic action, firing with each pull of the trigger — along with the image of putting a mini assault rifle in the hands of children in a country where a 6-year-old just shot a teacher in the chest with a handgun legally purchased by his mother. With the JR-15 in production this year and a limited first run of 1,000 rifles being sent to distributors in February, the attention is only going to grow. – intelligencer

HUNT MEANS KILL. A hunter kills. The gun is the weapon. A WEAPON ABSENT A BRAIN.

HUNTING ENDS. The hunting of any creature, including the almighty human ends. 

√ You begged and so did your wonderful wife, beg to get out. GOD GRANTED YOU BOTH. Then you stayed – did the opposite of what you wanted and for what you begged God. What’s your name and the name of your wonderful wife?

Jews historically and habitually do the opposite of what non-Jews tell them to do. I wonder if this is a FIRST – Jews doing the opposite of what they tell themselves to do. WHY. To confuse everybody or because they planned for the worst and they lived, so changed their minds?

It’s not uncommon. People beg for something then life eases up and they change their minds, thinking this is what God really wanted, for them to stay and fight. 

Then just as they settle into their revised plan, POW, they get hit.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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