It’s Past Time To Shutter Omaha Steaks

Perfection Is Effortless Omaha Steaks Say.


That’s false advertising. Ask any cow, pig, chicken how effortless it is to be enslaved, birthed and raised without a family, tortured and slaughtered just to satisfy the cannibalistic cravings/urges of the human animal? What? So they don’t eat each other?

Effortless? NO.

Cruel, horrific, barbaric? YES.

It’s time to shut OMAHA STEAKS DOWN. Since 1917 and they still haven’t learned their lesson about taking a life that isn’t theirs to take.

I’ll bet most of them are religious people – temple, mosque, church, chapel – where they pray for forgiveness and good fortune?

Guess what? I heard you and said NO.

“Nate Rempe is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Omaha Steaks. He is the first person outside of the Simon family to serve as President in more than 100 years. Nate previously served the company as Vice President and Chief Information Officer.”

“Alan was a great man that led an amazing, impactful life. He was a family man, businessman, and philanthropist described by loved ones as intelligent, savvy, and innovative,” said Nate Rempe, President of Omaha Steaks. “Alan was a true leader at Omaha Steaks and in the meat industry and will be greatly missed.”

Alan sings a different tune these days:

“Let them all be free. We Were Wrong. It wasn’t the apple; it was the animal.”

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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