My Favorite Creamy Dressings


Pick a dressing any dressing! They’re all superb!

My go-to dressing is DAIYA BLUE CHEEZE! So many uses.

Not just for salads: greens, coleslaw, potato, pasta/macaroni, veggie.

1- In many fat-free dishes all it takes is a Tablespoon of daiya Blue Cheeze drizzle over the top to pop it.

2- Use as a mayo combined with mustard for sandwich lather.

3- Use as a dipper for buffalo vegan chicken wings.

4- Drizzle over plant-based burgers with or without the bun.

5- A dollop in your favorite tomato-based soups or brothy stews.

6- Drizzled over steamed asparagus, broccoli, collards, green beans.

7- Combine with cocktail sauce for cauliflower shrimp dippers.

8- Combine with barbecue sauce for animal-free meats.

9- Serve as one of the spreads for mushroom pate.

10- Combine with plain dairy-free yogurt, salt, pepper, garlic powder and serve over baked potatoes.

11- Serve over breakfast sausage or over a hot dog in a bun along with your other condiments.

12- Mix with cooked whole kernel corn for a creamy corn presentation. Add seasoning to taste – you won’t need much.

13- Drizzle over roasted veggies.

14- Mix with mashed potatoes.

15- Use as a dipper mixed with ketchup for French fries.

16- Use a dab over your baked beans. It doesn’t take much to alter the direction of the recipe to soaring heights! And it’s all in a bottle.

17- Serve over grilled veggies.

18- Toss with your favorite pasta and marinated veggies. Or just plain pasta.

19- Add to spreads and dips for veggies and chips

20- And yes even fresh fruit.

Endless possibilities. What’s yours?


Notes: The bottle contains one cup, which isn’t much for something that’s so good, which has such versatility.

One drawback: When shaking the dressing from the thick glass bottle, it often comes out quickly in a large blob, no matter how diligent in trying to prevent it, and always more than you need, which means there’s waste. Can’t put the extra back in the bottle.

When the bottle is empty, add a little water or vinegar, shake bottle and find its purpose.

GOING TO A RESTAURANT? Don’t leave home without it. Tuck it somewhere and when your bland restaurant plant-based meal appears, bring out the bottle and make it sing!

No cheese offered on your vegan pizza? DAIYA IT!!

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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