Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells

TAFC Clipboard: Writer Amanda Radke speaks of animal rights activists as: “these anti-animal agricultural extremists”.

The first thing the world needs to do is to stop calling the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals agriculture. There is nothing agricultural about me as a human animal, and nothing agricultural about any other species of animal enslaved, tortured and slaughtered for profit.

The slaughter industries are not about providing healthy food to humans, otherwise they’d switch to plants. They convinced the world that they needed to eat animals to survive, which was a lie, and now the world knows it and is turning away from that lie.

They convinced the world that animals didn’t feel pain, while they hid the interior of slaughterhouses from the public and the horror that was happening right in our neighborhoods. And now the world knows it and is turning away from that lie.

Animals don’t have roots, plants do. Animals are not designed to be grown like plants. The slaughter industries and factory farmers convinced the world that animals could be grown like plants by using the same terminology that agriculture uses to grow plants. And now the world knows it and is turning away from that lie.

They deceived the public and force fed us their meats by shaming our parents and indoctrinating us at school telling us the lie that we’d die if we didn’t consume animals, because vitamin B12 was only found in animals. And now the world knows it and is turning away from that lie.

It’s about making profits from using every square inch of a healthy animal for nefarious purposes that could be better provided by a non-animal source. They did it so long, becoming immune to the terror and pain they inflicted as if it didn’t exist. They became too big to fail and spread their venomous lies across the planet. And now the world knows it and is turning away from that lie.

The planet is abundant with plant food. Animals are not plants and plants are not animals.

As for Amanda Radke, animal rights activists and advocates are not anti-animal, they are pro-animal. The slaughter industries are anti-animal.

Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells


Amanda Radke | Oct 24, 2020

For years, animals rights activists, environmental extremists and the Hollywood elite have targeted livestock producers and our way of life.

Should they have their way cattle, pigs, poultry and sheep would be obsolete. Meat, dairy and eggs would be off the plate. And our body sovereignty and our ability to choose the diet that best works for us — well, that’s off the table, too. Eat your vegetables and forget about the steak.

Fast-forward to 2020. A pandemic has circled the globe, and here in the United States, people are suffering due to the physical, emotional and economic repercussions of the virus, the shutdowns, the school closures and more. Now, we are seeing these extremists take advantage of the chaos to push their agendas further.

I’ve covered this at length in previous blogs, and to bring you up to speed, here are the links of various initiatives they have pushed this year:

Currently, agriculture’s future hangs in the balance in numerous ways, but it’s very apparent the threat in places like California, where the ballot includes items like Prop 15. If passed, Prop 15 would increase property taxes on things like agricultural buildings and fruit trees. This tax hike might be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back for many California farmers and ranchers.

And then there are repercussions that seem to be happening naturally that surely please these anti-animal agricultural extremists.

I’m talking about the closures, cancellations and postponements of major rodeos and livestock shows. From the National Western Stock Show to the Fort Worth Stock Show to the Cheyenne Frontier Days (and countless others), event planners and the cities who host these agricultural expositions are making the tough call to shutter the doors on these time-honored traditions.

But the question remains — will they ever come back once the dust settles on the COVID-19 pandemic?

With increased pressures from activist groups and greater liabilities to have animals in public places where they might be in danger from acts of violence from “vigilantes,” it appears these groups might finally be caving to the mob.

It is reassuring to see that many of these events are being picked up and moved to more friendly cities, and it’s maybe even exciting to think about how some of these events might even improve with a new venue and new leadership spearheading the event.

It’s also perhaps a relief for many agricultural families to attend these events, which now aren’t open to the public. Maybe we can finally truly focus on showing our animals and competing without the fear that a mom with a stroller full of kids might naively get kicked or run over when they get to close to our animals.

However, what does this truly mean for our future in the animal agriculture industry? Without a public place to connect with urban consumers, how do we tell our story and show people in the community who we are and what we do? If we continue to let these major events cancel, what is to become of our place in society? When does showing cattle or competing in rodeos become one of those antiquated things that states decide needs to go away for good?

Now I don’t mean to be doom and gloom today, but I think these cancellations underscore the importance of taking our stories to social media. I think we need to continue to model to our young people what showing cattle is truly all about. And we need to show them how to pivot and move forward in challenging times like this.

That is exactly what we are seeing as volunteers literally move mountains to host these shows in other places, but I urge you to think about the intent of these cancellations? Is it truly just about the virus or is there something larger and more long-term going on here?

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or Farm Progress.

Source: Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells



Coronavirus/COVID no matter how new, how old, how different, is passed from species to species. Animal to animal – INTER AND INTRA.

Don’t wait for the science when you know from experience that all governments corrupt the science for economic stability.

Protect yourselves.

Stop eating coronavirus/COVID-19, 20,21,22,23…

Stop eating animals. Stop eating humans.







Coronavirus: UK thinks COVID-19 may have started in Chinese laboratory 

TA-FC ClipBoard: Alright, so there are two experimental labs in Wuhan, China, a few miles from the diseased markets, that experiment with viruses, evidently the COVID-19 virus being one of them.

It is assumed that because the virus wasn’t altered in these labs that it leaked by accident aka poor safety procedures into a lab worker and then that lab worker, unwittingly infected other people.

The article doesn’t say from where or what source the lab retrieved the virus with the intent of studying/researching it.

Since Wuhan market sells warm/wet animals who have this virus, can it be assumed that the lab used said animals to procure the virus?

If the lab knew in advance of the infected animals at Wuhan market, why did the Chinese government allow these animals to be sold?

Once the lab is finished testing on the animal(s) who have deadly viruses or any other type of virus that the lab considers test-worthy, where do these animals get deposited? Back to the market? To be sold as food?

“Virus collection, culture, isolation, or animal infection at BSL-2 [moderate biosafety level] with a virus having the transmission characteristics of the outbreak virus would pose substantial risk of infection of a lab worker, and from the lab worker, the public,” he said.

Again, where, when, how do the labs dispose of the animals infected?

It doesn’t appear to this writer to be coincidental, that these two labs researching viruses just happen to be within close proximity to where the viruses thrive in animals sold for food.

Where do they get the infected animals and where do they deposit them when finished? Answer those questions. The world deserves to know. I want to know.

My recommendation is to remove all living beings including humans from those market places and burn the markets to the ground. Make a big display of it so the world can see it. Otherwise, the world, including me, will stop purchasing any product that is Made In China. China’s economy will collapse.

There needs to be an end to markets that cause pandemics, wherever they are located. Are there wet/warm markets in the USA? In New York? How many Chinese or other Asian groups have contracted the coronavirus in New York City? Shut them down now, and don’t let them reopen.

It’s customary for Asian vendors and restaurants in the USA to purchase their products from Asian companies. Chinese and other Asian restaurants will go out of business.

No one will ever trust their product again. Even if it’s only plain rice they sell, that death connection will be hard to break in the psyche of future customers.

And who will trust the government, any government, when they say all food is safe coming from Asia?

No one, not even Asians. I won’t.

Why spend all that money on sanitizing product before it enters the USA? Go to the source and destroy it before it does any more harm.

Stop eating animals is the only long-term cure.

Boris Johnson’s government has considered the possibility that the coronavirus may have accidentally leaked from a Chinese lab

Adam Payne Apr 6, 2020, 7:50 AM

The UK government reportedly believes the coronavirus outbreak may have started in a Chinese laboratory.

Most experts believe the outbreak began when animals passed the virus to humans in China, specifically in or near a market in the city of Wuhan where live animals were sold.Some scientists, however, believe an accidental leak is a plausible alternative theory — and the Mail on Sunday said UK officials were not ruling it out.

A UK parliamentary committee last week accused the Chinese government of spreading disinformation about the origins of the virus.

“Perhaps it is no coincidence that there is that laboratory in Wuhan,” one UK government official told the Mail on Sunday.

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The UK government believes the novel coronavirus may have accidentally leaked from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan where scientists were researching viruses, according to a Mail on Sunday newspaper report.

Most experts believe the outbreak of the virus began with animals passing the disease to humans in or near a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan where live animals were sold.

The Mail on Sunday report, however, says that while officials in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government believe this is still the most likely explanation, it is “no longer being discounted” that a leak from a nearby laboratory actually caused the outbreak.

“There is a credible alternative view [to the zoonotic theory] based on the nature of the virus,” a member of the UK government’s emergency committee of senior officials, Cobra, told the newspaper. “Perhaps it is no coincidence that there is that laboratory in Wuhan. It is not discounted.”

There are two scientific labs close to Wuhan where scientists are believed to have been carrying out tests on viruses: the Institute of Virology and the Wuhan Center for Disease Control.

Both are within 10 miles of the animal market where the outbreak is widely believed to have started late last year.

Some scientists in the US believe an accidental laboratory leak is a plausible theory, The Washington Post columnist David Ignatius said last week.

One biologist Ignatius pointed to was Richard Ebright, a professor at Rutgers University’s Waksman Institute of Microbiology.

Ebright was quoted in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists as saying many of the scientists in Wuhan who had been researching viruses had only “minimal protections” against infection.

“Virus collection, culture, isolation, or animal infection at BSL-2 [moderate biosafety level] with a virus having the transmission characteristics of the outbreak virus would pose substantial risk of infection of a lab worker, and from the lab worker, the public,” he said.

He went on to say the evidence available left “a basis to rule out a lab construct, but no basis to rule out a lab accident.”

In other words, while the virus was not believed to have been created in a lab, it could have been studied in one and released in an accident.

Pippa Fowles/10 Downing Street/HandoutJohnson’s government has reportedly started to question the veracity of China’s statements regarding the coronavirus.

Last week it was reported that UK officials were furious with the Chinese state.

On March 29, the senior UK lawmaker Michael Gove told the BBC he was skeptical of China’s official virus numbers.

“The first case of coronavirus in China was established in December of last year, but it was also the case that some of the reporting from China was not clear about the scale, the nature, the infectiousness of this,” he said.

A report by the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee last week accused the Chinese government of spreading disinformation about the spread of the virus.

“Disinformation about COVID-19 has already cost lives,” the committee said.

“It is essential that the Government issues clear and transparent messages at home to confront and rebut disinformation spread by foreign powers.”

As China lifts its coronavirus lockdowns, authorities are using a color-coded health system to dictate where citizens can go.

Workers at essential businesses say they’re insulted by ‘pathetic’ rewards of pizza, free lunches, and candy, as they beg for sick leave and hazard pay.

The UK health system is so overwhelmed that a hospital is converting all its theaters for coronavirus patients, and nurses have panic attacks because they can’t cope with the stress.

Boris Johnson is in a ‘stable’ condition in intensive care and is not being treated with a ventilator.

A sailor onboard USNS Comfort, the Navy hospital ship in New York City, tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Source: Coronavirus: UK thinks COVID-19 may have started in Chinese laboratory – Business Insider


I Want An Animal-Free Mall


That’s right. A mall. Animal-free. A big one. With lots of glitter and big lights. With every kind of shop. Grocery, bakery, deli, shoe store, pet supply shop, clothes, hair salon using only cruelty-free products, and on and on, restaurants too. Good ones. I have a vision. And it’s a nice one. No fur, no leather, no skins, and those who enter must wear all animal-free attire. This place has rules. No cruelty here. Yes, that’s right. That’s what I want. A happy place too. No vegetarian snobbery. There’s no place for arrogance in the animal-free world of Sharon Lee. No suffering looks on the faces of people who feel they’re being deprived.

Now that I mention it, I see that on a lot of vegetarian faces. Faces that still have Big Mac lines on them, so it’s not the deprivation causing the look. But it’s there. Maybe it’s the prejudice and discrimination directed at such folks that makes them so unhappy, especially when they’re doing something so right.

It’s okay to have fun while you do what’s right. It’s okay to laugh. God, my God, wants happiness. Every burst of laughter coming from one of It’s animal’s mouths delight’s It to no end. That’s one more frown It doesn’t have to turn upside down. So, laugh. Have fun. Enjoy your life. Just don’t kill the animals. That’s all. Not a lot to ask. And don’t participate by eating the catches of other people. If you do, try harder next time, till you get it right. I’m tired and sick and fed up and depressed (that doesn’t mean I’m not happy) over walking down the aisles of death in every supermarket in the world.

I’m offended and pained at being forced to view and smell the tortured, dismembered bodies of my animal friends. When is it all going to end? Entrepreneurs is what we need. Animal-free entrepreneurs. People with dreams. Big ones. Investors with money that flows in a cruelty-free world. Not just the small, never grow any bigger, shops sprouting up here and there. Though that’s a start and we have to start somewhere, so we’ll support them too. But bigger stores, and big chains of every conceivable market transformed into animal-free.

Fast food. Animal-Free Chefs. Veggie Burgers. Veggie Deli’s. Veggie Pizza Parlors. No animals nor animal products. Veggie cheese. Plant meats that taste like baloney, ham and turkey, but without the suffering. We don’t need featherless chickens; we need to free the chicken. International animal-free cuisines. I’m tired of having my animal-free products supplied by purveyors of torture. Why should I have to eat my vegetarian meal in a slaughterhouse? Why should I have to buy my clothes at a slaughterhouse? Aren’t you sick of it too? Being given your little vegetarian or vegan corner of somebody else’s house of cruelty? Just to satisfy a small segment of the market? Small segment?

Well, it wouldn’t be so small if more animal-free entrepreneurs with big ideas and big investors gave people what they really wanted: a cruelty-free world, which means a cruelty-free shopping mall. We could do it if we’d stop thinking so small. Big. Think big. Demand big. Stop trying to get your animal-free products in slaughterhouses. How absurd. Build your own stores. Start small if you want, but grow, by golly, grow. Give the people what they want before they ask for it. You know what people want. You’ve been silent too long. Too complacent. Okay, ‘I guess I’ll take whatever vegetarian crumbs they throw my way’ type of silence.

Plan the future. Make the future. See the future through God’s eyes. See big. See beautiful. I want an animal-free shopping mall. And then another, and another till we put the slaughterhouse malls out of business. Till we close the doors on the business of cruelty. I want an animal-free mall. And, I know you want it too. One for all people–and all other animals too. No zoo here, but a place where our animals can come shopping with us. Day care, mall care, for our furry family members while we shop. A mall with style, flair, with sparkle and bright lights. I can see it. I know you can too. Cause I’m looking through God’s eyes now and so are you.



Contains No Animal Products (CNAP)




If you’re allergic to fur, then you’re allergic to skin. If you’re allergic to skin, then you’re allergic to flesh. If you’re allergic to flesh, then you’re allergic to blood.

All humans are sensitive to animal products. You have an animal sensitivity. Every human does.

People in the past blamed how badly they felt on anything but the animal. Strange isn’t it? – how we never made that connection, never even inquired, wondered. It was always something else in our mind that took the blame.

Till now.

It’s not the macaroni salad; it’s the steak. It’s not the cake; it’s the eggs in the cake. It’s not the coffee; it’s the cream in the coffee. Get it now?

Okay, then let’s get some labels printed.

Under the allergen category on all labels on all products insert either CAP or CNAP. Contains Animal Products or Contains No Animal Products